Who we work with depends on what the client needs

We guide our clients through the legal maze involved in buying or selling real estate in Israel. Typically, our clients have limited experience in Israel and we help them save time and reduce the aggravation that can accompany doing business here.

Many of our clients live abroad and want to purchase property in Israel

They’re used to doing business (often high-end deals), in their own countries but often lack information about the way business is conducted in Israel. They don’t know Hebrew and can’t understand the documents they are asked to sign. They’re concerned about currency fluctuations and worried about jeopardizing their investment because they aren’t familiar with Israeli business culture.

They need someone on the ground in Israel whom they can trust to understand that their time is at a premium, and that they need to conduct their business quickly, easily and as professionally as possible.

Many of our clients are interested in establishing a part-time home-base in Israel, or investing in property in Israel, without moving here permanently.

Instead, they are frequent visitors to Israel, perhaps staying in a purchased vacation home and checking on the progress of philanthropic causes they support while they are here.

A significant number of our clients are new immigrants to Israel.

They’re still adjusting to the language, culture and Israeli mentality. The thought of buying their first home in Israel is exciting yet they are filled with trepidation. Will they be able to get a mortgage? Will the vendor vacate on time? How will they navigate through all the bureaucracy involved? Will their money be protected? Are they getting a fair deal or being taken for a ride?

Often, our clients express reservations about the process of buying or selling real estate in Israel. They’re concerned about how much time they’ll have to spend dealing with red tape and paperwork. They don’t know how to plan their transaction in the best possible way. They don’t know how to take care of their financing and mortgages.

That’s where we come in, advising on and helping clients deal with:

We offer expert bureaucracy navigation, and timely long-distance communication which feels like it’s close to home. All our legal paperwork is available to clients in English as well as Hebrew.

We are dedicated to taking the hassle out of the legal processes involved in buying or selling real estate in Israel.

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