Not only is Nicole Levin pleasant and easy to get along with (and that goes for her associates and support team, too), she is also very savvy. Her advice is solid and clearly based on extensive experience and knowledge. But when we sold our former apartment and then examined various deals for a new one, what we found most gratifying was how responsive she is.  Unlike our experience with other law firms, Nicole is available when you need her and/or gets back to you with all possible speed. On top of all that, she is very fair and reasonable in all her dealings. We are very happy we have Nicole as our lawyer.
David Olivestone
New Jersey
Nicole represented us when we were buying our home. The sellers were difficult people to deal with and they refused to honor several important clauses in the contract. As far as they were concerned, the contract wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, and they ignored their legal obligations to us. Our whole house buying experience was agony, made bearable by Nicole’s ability to step into the mess and mediate a solution. Throughout, Nicole kept our best interests at the top of her agenda. She played tough but fair and finally persuaded the sellers to abide by the terms of the contract.
Beit Shemesh
I have used Nicole’s services in the sale of my house in Beit Shemesh and subsequant purchase in Moshav Aderet. Nicole was thorough and efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her.
We used the services of Nicole Levin Law Offices to both sell our house and buy a new home. In both transactions Nicole was very thorough and kept us up to date on the status of each contract. When we were selling our house we had two separate parties who were both interested in purchasing it. Each offered different terms and Nicole explained the advantages and disadvantages of each offer without any attempt to influence our decision. It was especially helpful that she was able to let us know what extra costs we were going to need to budget for so we knew exactly where we stood financially. She made sure we knew what questions to ask as well as providing us with the answers. When we sold our home, Nicole represented both sides in the deal. She was scrupulously fair and negotiated the deal with the highest commitment to integrity. I recommend her as an excellent real estate lawyer.
Dvir Tchelet
I have no hesitation in giving Nicole Levin my highest recommendation. She not only represents her clients with integrity, she is also extremely conscientious and well-versed in real estate law in Israel. Her complete fluency in both English and Hebrew is a definite advantage. She not only understands both languages extremely well, she also understands both cultures, and that is a definite advantage when negotiating with native Israelis. More than anything, Nicole is very fair when doing business. She appreciates the needs of both parties to a contract and in taking both sides into account she is, in fact, able to negotiate the best possible deal for her own client. Nicole is a trained mediator and even when dealing with difficult characters, she is able to navigate adversarial waters easily. If you are looking for top legal expertise combined with a good “people-person” Nicole is a fine choice.
Ian Rogow
Cape Town, South Africa

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