Is Tama 38 in Danger of Extinction?

A recent decision by the local authority in the city of Ramat Gan has had anyone involved in Tama 38 projects up in arms.

Tama 38 is a nationwide town plan that allows for the strengthening of old buildings against earthquakes.  The buildings are either strengthened or demolished depending on the condition of the building.  The owners get a modernized, larger and stronger apartment and the construction company gets the rights to construct additional apartments in the building that it can sell for a profit.

This also allows for the construction of new apartments and the natural growth of cities that have otherwise nowhere to grow.

However, the recent decision in Ramat Gan shows another part of the equation.  When more apartments are constructed in these cities, do the authorities consider the pressure this puts on the city’s infrastructure?  Are there enough schools, clinics, stores and parking spaces to cater for this new population?  According to this recent decision the city of Ramat Gan did not consider these factors enough when pushing its Tama 38 agenda.

This means more delays for other Tama 38 projects in Ramat Gan that are waiting for building permits and also more expense for the construction companies involved in these projects.  The question remains will this decision affect other cities and their Tama 38 projects?