We offer our clients a full range of real estate transaction services.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Whether you’re buying or selling property, it’s important to understand your legal obligations from the very beginning.

We meet with clients before an offer has been made or received to brainstorm on the legal issues involved. We discuss the negotiation process, and give detailed advice on how to negotiate, and what to negotiate for. In this way we can offer our clients a full range of real estate transaction services.

At this stage we also discuss costs, including any tax issues involved, so that our clients know exactly what financial obligations to expect.

Our clients appreciate the opportunity to ask any questions they have so that they can decide whether to proceed with the transaction.

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Expert Negotiation Of Real Estate Transaction

Nicole Levin is both a specialist in real estate law and an expert negotiator, holding advanced qualifications in mediation which are recognized by the Israel Bar Association, the Israeli Courts and the Ministry of Justice.

This unique combination of expertise ensures that our clients get the best possible contract conditions. While safeguarding our clients’ interests, we also work hard to establish a good and fair working relationship with the other party or parties to the contract. This is often critical when we step in to resolve unforeseen situations quickly and easily.

Negotiations can be complex and we have a reputation for thinking out-of-the box on issues such as:

  • Contract inclusions
  • Payment schedules
  • Financial protection
  • Conditional payments
  • Essential repairs
  • Date of possession
  • Escrow conditions
  • Penalty clauses
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Financial Assistance

Financing a real estate purchase can be a nightmare if you don’t understand the bureaucracy involved.

We help our clients with all the paperwork involved in obtaining a mortgage. This includes contacting the mortgage bank and guiding our clients as they work through the maze of paperwork involved until the mortgage is finally issued.

The mortgage approval process can be extremely confusing and expensive – in both time and money – if not understood properly. We take it upon ourselves to make sure that our clients find their way out of the mortgage maze quickly, and with as few headaches as possible.

In those cases where our clients do not reside in Israel, we assist them in making any necessary payments via escrow accounts. An escrow account is an account which we set up for our client and from which all the payments connected with the transaction are made. We manage these accounts carefully to ensure that all payments are made on time and to the correct payee.

Registration of Title

We do a full title search for every transaction before the contract is signed.  A title search ascertains the legal ownership of the property. If the property does not legally belong to the seller, the buyer cannot receive title and his investment is in jeopardy. It is therefore critical that we confirm that the seller is the legal owner of the property before proceeding with the purchase.

In order to avoid any future problems, we always register the title in the name of the purchaser at the completion of the deal. This is one of the most important services we perform.  No one wants to buy an apartment and not receive title.


Every real estate transaction in Israel is taxed.  Before any contract is signed, we advise our clients about any taxes which may be incurred.  We process all reports to the tax authorities and make sure that our clients pay the minimum tax allowed by law.  Getting confirmation of payment from the tax authorities is a prerequisite to getting title so this service is very important.

Our Goal

By standing by our clients along every step of the way, we aim to take the confusion and stress out of buying or selling real estate in Israel. Our many delighted clients will tell you that our services over-deliver.

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