Israel Property Investment News

Office building in JerusalemIf you’re looking for up-to-date news about property investment in Israel there are several websites you will want to bookmark.

Start out with the real estate sections in both the Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz. Both of these carry articles about the current state of the real estate market in Israel, along with more specialized stories on particular neighborhoods, opportunities for foreign investors and more.

To give you a taste of the topics covered, a brief look at today’s  headlines in the Jerusalem Post real estate section include:

  • ‘Israel’s housing market poised for hard landing’
  • Average home prices down 3.3%
  • Foreigner’s guide to property market: Perfectly peripheral
  • Foreigner’s guide to property market: Yemin Moshe
  • Tel Aviv Side Walks: Understanding Zamenhof

Globes also covers a wide range of property-related topics and I recently attended their real estate conference entitled Real Estate Peaks: Israel Real Estate Conference 2012.

Over the course of one full day there were lectures and discussions on important issues such as:

  • Rebranding the image of the realtor
  • The new residential mix
  • Solar energy – the new real estate
  • Freeing up metropolitan Tel Aviv
  • Real estate investment opportunities
  • Income-producing real estate in Israel
  • Affordable housing

I’ll be blogging in more detail over the next week or two about the issues raised at the conference and about the range of opinions voiced there.