Hadera – Could This Be the Next Up-and-Coming Anglo city?

In my blog post from December 10, 2013 entitled “How to Spot Investment Opportunities? Follow the Anglos.” I wrote about the cities that attracted a lot of  Anglos in the past 40 years such as Netanya, Petach Tikvah, Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Efrat, Beit Shemesh and Modiin.

In these cities the prices of real estate soared, so much so that I have constantly been asked if I know about any new up and coming places that have not yet been discovered by the Anglos. This was on the premise that one could buy now at a cheap price before the rush.

To all those who asked, I put to you the following: Hadera.

Hadera is a city located on the coast, north of Netanya and south of Haifa. It is thirty minutes from Tel Aviv and thirty minutes from Haifa. It is close to Caesarea as well. It boasts 7 km of coast and a national park. It has an industrial park with high tech and other businesses and a 120,000 sq.meter shopping mall.

What’s more it has those sea views that many people love. A new highway (highway 9) is currently under construction which will hook up to the number 6 cross country highway, the number 4, and the number 2 coastal highway.

Hadera also has a train station which is on the north to south train line which links Hadera up with Haifa, Binyamina and Tel Aviv. This means that anyone living in Hadera can work in any of the above cities easily.

All of those cities also have industrial zones which house high tech and other industries. Although the prices of apartments in Hadera have begun to rise they are still lower than those in other cities. This could be one to watch in the future.