The Downfall of the Four-Room Apartment

A recent poll prepared by Globes and Azimot shows that most Israelis polled were looking to purchase three room apartments instead of four room apartments whereas in the past more people chose to purchase four room apartments. According to the poll only 44% of apartment hunters were looking to buy four room apartments.

This is a drastic fall from last year where 61% of apartment seekers were looking to purchase four room apartments.  On the other hand  there has been a noticeable rise in apartment seekers wishing to purchase three room apartments with 31% this year as opposed to only 26% last year.  According to the same poll there has also been a rise in apartment purchasers of five room apartments.  Last year only 7% wished to purchase five room apartments and this year 18% wish to do so.

The good news is that there is a rise in the number of new three room apartments being built today, responding  to the demand for three room apartments.  The poll also states that most Israelis neither want nor can afford to pay more than one million shekels for an apartment.  We seem to be going back to a time when young couples bought a small apartment and then as the family grew moved over to larger apartments.