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dollar shekel rate, buying property in Israel

Buying property in Israel despite a low dollar-shekel rate

Buying property in Israel despite a low dollar-shekel rate can be trying. The impact of the exchange rate on a property purchase in Israel can be reduced. The dollar-shekel rate reached a historic low last week. Most foreigners automatically assume that this will make it more difficult to buy a

Real estate transactions from abroad

Transactions in Israeli Real Estate from Abroad During Carona

Israeli real estate transactions from abroad during the Carona pandemic can be challenging. Government offices are closed in many places and it is difficult to get things done. New international laws restrict the transfer of funds needed to buy and sell real estate. How to navigate these obstructions when buying

Real estate taxes, Israeli real estate

Changes in Israeli Purchase Tax as a Stimulus for the Israeli Real Estate Market

By Adv. Etgar Kedem-Kaufman, Adv. Avi Becker and Adv. Nicole Levin Changes in Israeli Purchase Tax Recent changes in Israeli purchase tax may be a stimulus for the Israeli real estate market. The hope is that this will stimulate the Israeli real estate market that was badly hit due to

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