Cancellation of a 50-Year-Old Confiscation Order

In 1964 the Municipality of Tel Aviv laid down a large plan for the confiscation of several properties in the area of Bialik, Tzernikovsky and Allenby streets . One of these properties  is the well known Café Bialik. This was a well know coffee house where the National Poet, Chaim Nachman Bialik , the first mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff and many other artists and writers met. The property was included in the Unesco’s declaration of Tel Aviv as a World Heritage Site but the building was not included in the list of historical buildings that the Tel Aviv municipality has earmarked for preservation.

Although the property was set to be confiscated and demolished by the Tel Aviv Municipality in 1964, this confiscation order has never been implemented. The owner of the property requested the cancellation of the confiscation order in order to allow the construction of extra floors on the building.

The local committee of the municipality that deals with cases of this type decided to allow the Weiss family, which has owned the building since the 1930s, to add four floors and to preserve the original building. This landmark decision will allow other owners of properties that were confiscated under the confiscation orders of 1964 to regain their properties and use the building rights to build additions.

The location of this particular property is right in the middle of historical Tel Aviv, which is currently experiencing a rejuvenation. Many of the buildings are historical buildings and are on the list of buildings that the Tel Aviv Municipality has slated for preservation. Bialik Street is a well know street where the National Poet Chaim Nachman BIalik lived as well as the artist Reuben Reuben. It was also one of the first homes of the Tel Aviv Municipaity. Today all three of these buildings have been preserved and are museums. Allenby Street has always been a major thoroughfare it runs from Jaffa until the beach and is home to the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv as well as other important landmarks.