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transferrable development rights, town planning, historical buildings

Transferable Development Rights in Israel: An Incentive to Preservation

What are Transferable Development Rights in Israel? Most cities in Israel have historical buildings, sites and neighborhoods. The law mandates that each municipality do a survey of all its historical sites and buildings in accordance with certain criteria.  Did an historic event take place there? Was the building designed by

Real estate transactions from abroad

Transactions in Israeli Real Estate from Abroad During Carona

Israeli real estate transactions from abroad during the Carona pandemic can be challenging. Government offices are closed in many places and it is difficult to get things done. New international laws restrict the transfer of funds needed to buy and sell real estate. How to navigate these obstructions when buying

transferrable development rights, town planning, historical buildings

Israeli Real Estate Deals V. U.S. Real Estate Deals

Israeli real estate deals v. U.S. real estate deals – what is the difference and why is it important to know? Many people are nervous about entering into real estate transactions in Israel  for various reasons.  In Israel the real estate transactions are conducted in Hebrew a language they are

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