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Nicole Levin is an Israeli real estate attorney specializing in the preservation of historical buildings in Israel. We are dedicated to taking the hassle out of the legal processes involved in buying or selling real estate in Israel, saving our clients both time and money, and vastly reducing frustration.

Nicole Levin Law Offices was established in 1990 by Nicole Levin. Born and raised in New York, she immigrated to Israel in 1977 and graduated from Bar Ilan University Law School in 1982. After being admitted to the Israeli Bar in 1983, Ms. Levin worked in commercial law firms in Tel Aviv before founding her own boutique firm. Nicole Levin has a B.A. in the Preservation of Historical Buildings from the Western Galilee College and an M.A. in the Preservation of Historical Buildings from Bar Ilan University.

Unlike other law firms (which deal with real estate transactions only occasionally), our offices deal with the intricacies of real estate law day in and day out. Our detailed, up-to-the-minute expert knowledge gives us a vital advantage when it comes to real estate contract negotiations and allows us to guide our clients smoothly through all the legal requirements.

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We have particular expertise in tax planning for real estate purchases

We think strategically as well as legally, and help our clients to factor in any potential future purchases when considering the most beneficial tax strategy for the current purchase.

Ms. Levin is completely fluent in both English and Hebrew and is very familiar with business culture both abroad and in Israel. English speakers appreciate her ability to act as a bridge between their home countries and Israel, and her skill in anticipating and meeting their needs. For English speakers who lack facility in Hebrew, our offices supply translations of contracts and other legal materials.

Ms. Levin has worked as a mediator in several mediation centers.

Our clients value Ms. Levin’s ability to mediate during tough negotiations. There are often issues to be resolved which are not, strictly speaking, legal issues, but which nevertheless can stall progress towards a contract. Ms. Levin is able to use her experience to step in, reduce the tension, and help the parties resolve the issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

Ms. Levin is connected to an extensive network of legal experts and is able to call on colleagues in various additional specialties (municipal taxes, trusts etc) as required.

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“My family and I have been working with Nicole for several years on some challenging real estate transactions in Israel. Some of the land was originally purchased or inherited up to 90 years ago so this took quite a bit of expertise to get our ownership updated and registered.

We are located in California and we needed someone in Israel who could help with real estate issues for US owners Nicole has effectively and pleasantly guided us through every step of the process until we achieved success. That even included making sure not only that the transaction was completed and taxes paid, but also that the sale proceeds were safely transferred to us in the US.

As a fellow lawyer and Judge Pro Tem, I can strongly recommend Nicole as she is well versed in real estate and real estate taxes.”

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