• Do you want to buy or sell property in Israel hassle-free?

    We work with property owners and investors who want to buy or sell real estate in Israel and need help navigating the complex legal maze involved.
    ↘ Do you really understand your real estate contract?
    ↘ Do you know enough about doing business in Israel?
    ↘ Are you concerned about the time and effort involved?
    ↘ Are you worried about possible tax liabilities?
    ↘ Have you figured out the small print?
    ↘ Are you being driven crazy by the other party to the contract?

We are Israeli Real Estate Lawyers. Let us help take the stress out of buying or selling property in Israel.

We understand how valuable your time is, and we put significant effort into building long-term, serious business relationships both with our clients and our associates in the real-estate field.

Unlike some other law firms, we’re real estate specialists. We’ve been doing real estate transactions in Israel for the past 30 years and offer boutique legal services for discerning clients who expect and appreciate exceptional service.

We’ve got decades of experience dealing with both straightforward contracts and more complex real estate transactions, and we know how to explain the legal process clearly and simply in a language you can understand.

We’re also qualified and experienced mediators. That gives our clients real added-value, and a serious advantage when it comes to negotiating the best-possible contracts.

That’s why our clients keep coming back to us and why they refer us to their friends.

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